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Moscow Opens Rosneft-Sponsored Arctic Attraction Photo Exhibition

22 December 2020

The Arctic Attraction photo exhibition has been opened at Tverskoy Boulevard, Moscow. The exhibition has been organised by Rosneft Oil Company together with the non-governmental development institution Innopraktika.

The exhibition features unique pictures taken during Rosneft’s large-scale research expeditions, as well as photographs from the atlas “Russian Arctic. Space, Time, Resources”. Citizens and visitors to Moscow have an opportunity to see the icy landscapes, fascinating fauna, and biodiversity of the underwater ecosystems of the Arctic.

Environmental protection is one of the key priorities for Rosneft Oil Company in its operations. The Company holds the most ambitious integrated research expeditions in the Arctic since the Soviet times. More than 20 expeditions have been conducted along the entire Arctic Ocean coast since 2012. Geological, oceanological, hydrometeorological and environmental studies are carried out in cooperation with the nation’s leading research and design organisations. A unique body of information has been collected on physical geography, oceanology, hydrometeorology and the ecology of the Arctic region, and new data on the population of red-listed animals, such as polar bears, walruses, deer and ivory gulls. This year, Rosneft has performed stratigraphic drilling of shallow wells in the northern Kara Sea for the first time to take core samples. The studies hold great significance for science and for recognising the geological composition of the Russia Arctic, for assessing the oil and gas potential of the Northern Kara basin.

The Arctic Attraction exhibition is designed to expand the circle of people eager to preserve the unique nature of the North. The exhibition runs until January 21, 2021.

Note for Editors:

Rosneft together with Innopraktika, a non-governmental development institute, has published a unique atlas “Russian Arctic. Space, Time, Resources”. The Atlas contains detailed information on the geography, ecology, history of research and economic potential of the Russian Arctic zone.

 Furthermore, Rosneft and Innopraktika are implementing a project to draw together and publish a series of environmental atlases of Russian seas. The environmental atlases “Kara Sea”, “Laptev Sea”, “Marine Mammals of the Russian Arctic and the Far East”, and “Black and Azov Seas” were published encompassing the results of the Company’s research activities.

 In the field of innovative solutions for the safe development of the Arctic shelf, Russian scientists have created a unique biological product capable of utilising traces of oil products at low and even sub-zero temperatures. The product has been developed by the Rosneft Arctic Research Centre and Innopraktika at the Faculty of Biology of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. The technology is based upon application of natural psychrophiles (low-temperature bacteria).

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December 22, 2020

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